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Base of tongue SCC

Posted by @geezer, Oct 23, 2013

71 yr old male. Base of tongue SCC rightside (May 1998)-Radiation twice daily for 33 days followed by Rt. side neck dissection. Lost right mandible (ORN) repaired by cadaver bone (Jan 2001) that failed (Jun 2001), was removed, and face held together by external brace. Fibular flap w/ titanium jaw brace(Nov 2001) that has held to date. Secondary bout with SCC tumor in forward tongue (Jun 2010) excized by Laser. Removal of lymph node under tongue followed. Retained my intubation trach to solve sleep apnea. Surgeries/radiation left me with stiffness/tightness/pain in right shoulder up through right jaw that has migrated across my neck over the years and has left me unable to eat/swallow correctly, I am subject to chronic Pneumonia due to food aspiration into my airway/lungs.
Currently, front of my neck around laranyx is like petrified wood and passageway is so tight can’t hardly swallow. Swallow study recommendation: Stomach tube to minimize recurrence of Pneumonia and facilitate nourishment. My biggest problem is the stiffness/tightness/pain in my neck/throat has increased to where it has become a distraction. It is worse in late afternoon/frontal passages/and riding in the car. Naproxsyn 500’s (crushed) offer some relief, but hard on stomach.
I thought maybe someone else suffered these late side effects, and could provide some insight on easing the symtoms. Acupuncture? Deep Massage? I’ll try anything!


Nicole Brudos Ferrara

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Posted by @nicoleferrara, Feb 18, 2014


I am unable to share a personal experience, but here are some resources that might help:

Basic information on tongue cancer:

Mayo Clinic may offer a cancer symptom control clinical trial that is right for you. For more information, visit our clinical trials website at is a nonprofit organization devoted to raising awareness about HPV throat (and head/neck) cancer. They often feature the latest information on research and clinical trials.

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