59 and recovering from heart attack. Feeling hopeless.

Posted by booperlaw50 @booperlaw50, Aug 5, 2012

Just 5 weeks out from a massive heart attack. Never had any prior symptoms, now trying to overcome the disbelief that I must go from such an active lifestyle to this. I am frightened, worried, and sinking into a depression. On Plavix, aspirin, Lipitor, Lasix, Lopressor, Advair. Taking CoQ10 as well. Wearing a defibrillator “life vest” because I’m uninsured and can’t get a pacemaker! Anyone out there with any advice or hope? Doc says walk a lot. Well, I have a slight problem with this neuropathy that’s come out of nowhere and makes my feet and calves feel like they’re crawling with fire ants – and walking for 5 minutes cramps feet, calves and thighs. Would love to hear from anyone out there with similar issues. Thanks!

Hello, On jan 8th of this year my life changed. I went into V tach,I say heart attack its easier to say. I was responding to a fight at work and stopped running,took a few more steps and fell face first on the concrete walkway. it turns out I had a artery blocked 95% and another artery totally blocked but had made its own bypass over time.
I was shocked 3x there by our nursing staff and flown to the hospitol.
A defribulator and 2 stents were put in at that time. I went back to work 6 weeks later(too soon I found out). I felt good and ready to roll,I thought. I work at a prison and not the best stress free place to work. In July while at the gym,I decided to do a slow jog,nest thing I know my defrib. shocked me twice. my heart rate had jumped to over 220,turns out a artery that was blocked 25% in jan, was now 95% blocked. In 6 months !!!! I have not been back to work since,part due to my Dr and part my choice.
I am trying to find a new job in the mean time.
I am on all the medication you are on plus started on wellbrutrin in sept due to me thinking I was sinking into depression. It turns out i was.
I can go out and walk with no problem so I feel your pain when you say you cant do that. it is very frustrating not being able to do the things you did before. I am 48 and never thought I would have gone thru all this,I have finally gotten past the “why me” stage. I have the best wife in my corner who supports me very much. She has told be she does not care if I ever go back to work. this has been very hard on my wife also,she is only 38 and there is not a lot of support for a wife of 38 who has a husband that has gone thru what I have been thru.
Are you married / have family around ? I started talking to a therapist a couple months ago and love what she has helped me over come and figure out.
My problem is what you stated you are having,trying to figure out how to live with this new lifestyle. its not easy and having people around you is defanetly (sp) easier.
Sounds like you need to figure out the neropathy problem first,then that will allow you the cance to at least go out and excercise.
Good luck with things and stay positive,it can only get better from here.

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