5 years post-op TKA

Posted by madbug24 @madbug24, Jul 11, 2022

I had my right knee replaced 5 years ago. Today, I was sitting in my recliner and went to get up and couldn't bend my knee! It was a sudden onset, acute pain from what felt like a hard spasm in my knee and quadriceps. I haven't fallen or injured my knee and it hasn't been bothering me so it is really strange. I couldn't get up or walk on it. I had to get a walker in order to stand and walk. It hurts to move it or put weight on it. Now it looks swollen above my knee. I can't get an appt with my dr for 2 weeks! Has anybody had anything like this happen to them?

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So sorry to hear what you're going through. Haven't had quite the same problem but my knee has been hurting (the replaced one) lately, 3 yrs post TKR, and it has started on occasion to feel like it's giving way on the outer side of the knee. I suggest icing it since you say it looks swollen above the knee but I am not a doctor so I suggest you ask yours. Good luck at your dr appt and let us know here how you make out. Sending hugs your way.


I have……1 have had several procedures but one in particular was 3years after I had a TKR I remember one day the knee totally stiffened and I was unable to bend it. I went to the ER that night to find out it was infected. Are you running a fever…?


Knee Dr told me to exercise at home. Have a list he gave me but Dr Jo on FB has great exercises she shows. Very easy to follow


I have had 2 TKR and one revision over the past 6 years.
I have seen 7 Orthopedic Surgeons, been through 13 months of Pain Management with no positive results and endless hours of PT., acupuncture. I am truly desperate, and depressed.

All 7 of the Orthopedics say," there is nothing that can be done.

The Pain Management Dr. now says She believes that spinal stimulation might work. I agreed to try the trial period of three days. This requires a psychologist visit, MRI and cannot be accomplished for 8 weeks.

I have done exhaustive research, and I have found only one situation like this where the stimulation had any positive reduction in pain, and it decreased by 45%

I have so much pain I can be on my feet for a maximum of 1 minutes. I to let this beat me.
My quality of life is nearly non-existent. I am a teacher and would like to re-enter the profession.

I have had a consultation with a Vascular Surgeon to discuss an ABOVE THE KNEE AMPUTATION. He was ready to complete this surgery, but now he has apprehension to completing it. I respect and want him and only him to do this surgery.

I have told him that if the spinal stimulation does not work, he is my last resort. We have a good dialog and we communicate regularly.



3 years post TkR I have a recent tingling burning with numbness right knee right side just above the replaced knee. How serious is this?

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