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5 Ways to Decrease Stress During the Holidays

Tue. Nov 17, 2015 at 12:00 pm CDT

Recorded November 17th, 2015.  Mayo Clinic hosted an interactive webinar on obtaining greater fulfillment and less-stress during the holiday season.  Brooke Werneburg and Jamie Friend, Resiliency Specialists and Certified Wellness Coaches at the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, discussed the practice of gratitude and how it can influence your mindset, increase feelings of connectedness and alter your expectations.  Give yourself the gift of a new perspective on stress management this holiday season.  A live question and answer session followed the presentation. 


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Hi @hector_spin. Welcome to Connect! Thanks for your comment and for sharing this great article. With the way that Connect works, there isn't usually a great deal of conversation on these webinar posts because they aren't groups within the platform. [...] View full text  

Posted Sat, Apr 30 at 10:01am CDT


hector_spin wrote: Found an interesting article about some of the stress for working parents

Posted Tue, Apr 26 at 11:21am CDT


hector_spin wrote:

Any ideas for when kids are home during the summer and working parents are managing the kids schedules and work schedule?

Posted Tue, Apr 26 at 11:18am CDT

Thanks to all of our webinar participants! Our Q&A is now closed. To view the recorded version of this webinar, click on the video on the left of the page, or you can view it on YouTube:

Posted Thu, Nov 19 at 9:08am CDT


Alex_Dix wrote:

I liked it a lot. It was fun for me and informative. I would like to do more of these.

Posted Tue, Nov 17 at 1:05pm CDT

First Mayo Clinic webinar - great new info and some much-needed reminders. Thank you!

Posted Tue, Nov 17 at 1:04pm CDT

I hope you'll join us again. There will be more webinars in the new year! In the meantime, feel free to join the discussions on Connect

Posted Tue, Nov 17 at 1:28pm CDT


JudyB1 wrote:

My husband used to go way out for our 2 boys during Christmas. My boys are now 16 and 12 and my husband has been ill and is in a nursing home. Financially its tough too keep up with the [...] View full text  

Posted Tue, Nov 17 at 1:02pm CDT

I'm glad you were able to join the webinar Judy. I'm sure Jamie and Brooke will have some suggestions for you. Of course, your situation doesn't only apply to the holiday season. If you just want to talk with other people any time, please join the conversations on Connect If you let me know a bit more about your husband's situation, I can help connect you with other members of the community.

Posted Tue, Nov 17 at 1:27pm CDT

Excellent presentation. Thank you! Barbara Britain

Posted Tue, Nov 17 at 1:01pm CDT


user_cing wrote:

Thank you for a wonderful presentation.

Posted Tue, Nov 17 at 1:01pm CDT

Thank you everyone for joining today's webinar. Want to continue to connect with others? Join the discussions in Health Living!tab=discussions Check out the conversations in the Connect groups Ask questions, get answers and connect.

Posted Tue, Nov 17 at 1:01pm CDT

Thank you for joining us for this Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program Webinar. It has been recorded and will be available under Previously Recorded Webinars.

Posted Tue, Nov 17 at 1:01pm CDT


Tammy_Robbins wrote:


Posted Tue, Nov 17 at 1:00pm CDT


melissa wrote:

Great job, Jamie & Brooke; very informative, great questions to ask ourselves.

Posted Tue, Nov 17 at 12:56pm CDT


JudyB1 wrote:

Thanks Colleen

Posted Tue, Nov 17 at 12:55pm CDT


Tammy_Robbins wrote:

Thanks, Colleen! Let me know if there are others I could look into.

Posted Tue, Nov 17 at 12:54pm CDT

Here are the books that were listed on the last slide: The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living How to Train a Wild Elephant: And Other Adventures in Mindfulness by Jan Chozen Bays The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin [...] View full text  

Posted Tue, Nov 17 at 12:53pm CDT


JudyB1 wrote:

Since the slides move from the screen so fast, will we be able to see these slides on the post webinar?

Posted Tue, Nov 17 at 12:49pm CDT

Yes, Judy. The webinar will be available on this page and you can scroll through the recording to review the slides.

Posted Tue, Nov 17 at 12:54pm CDT


Tammy_Robbins wrote:

Would you be able to post a reading list? Thanks.

Posted Tue, Nov 17 at 12:42pm CDT

Good suggestion. I'll list the books that were just shared on the slide. Jamie and Brooke may add more.

Posted Tue, Nov 17 at 12:49pm CDT

What an amazing idea! Send an email to myself at the end of the day reminding myself of went well. So often I focus on the loose ends, what didn't get done. This is great way to flip that around.

Posted Tue, Nov 17 at 12:40pm CDT

Anonymous wrote:

My aunt passed away a few years ago, and ever since then my mom (her sister) has been trying to fill the void during the holidays. My aunt always used to make the food, as she was a fantastic chef, [...] View full text  

Posted Tue, Nov 17 at 12:40pm CDT