40 Days Improvement Challenge - Join & Share Here starting May 7th

Posted by Alexander Emerson @alexiskandar, May 5, 2022

Let get started!! Not feeling good to share my day to day progress of improvement at the social medias as there are a lot of discouragements there. Will share my Anxiety and Depression improvement over this coming 40 days here starting from May 7th as the first day. Feel free to join the challenge and share your progress and improvement in this coming 40 days!!

@alexiskandar Day #0 | May 6th, 2022 – Friday
I am a clerk which currently underwent a post acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) phase of meth addiction and on my way tapering my Pristiq medication (which used to help me in coping with the acute phase of the meth withdrawal before). I also currently study on a part-time basis (classes on weekends every fortnight) for my Bachelor Degree. I still not married yet but I need to look after my parents and I am the brain of my bigger family. That is the importance for me to maintain for my good mental and physical condition without dependence from any kind of drugs whether abusive recreational purpose, or long time medical purpose dependency.

Let see how this coming forty days going!!

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@alexiskandar I look forward to following your 40-day challenge and encourage others to join you.
How is Day 1 going?


I would like to also join this challenge. I have PTSD and High Anxiety. I am currently in therapy and trying to work more on focusing on me and my needs instead of the needs of others. In the next 40 days I want to be more active and do some activities alone.

Wish me luck 🙂


How does one join? Great idea!

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Hello @marjou

You've already joined by showing an interest in the topic. Just post about your 40-day journey and share what your goals are and how you will go about it.

Look forward to seeing your posts!

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