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4 months Post Op from Gasric Bypass Surgery :)

Posted by @adria718, Sep 11, 2012

I’m still having a really tough time eating solid foods. I still throw up at least 75 pct of the time after I eat only 3 or 4 bites. I just want to know if anybody still had or has this issue. I asked my doctor, he said its normal. I also still can not eat vegetables, solid fruit, or any meat, pasta or untoasted bread.



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Posted by @clay6970, Sep 11, 2012

I had roux n y in Dec, ’06. I read and talked with many people beforehand but no one talked


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Posted by @bettyann, Sep 12, 2012

My 27 yr old granddaughter had a gastric bypass 3 months ago and has no trouble eating small amounts of most foods… once in a great while she will ‘over do’ or maybe eat something that she will then discover doesn’t work so well. Right after the surgery she had to strictly stick to a very bland, dull diet…no fun, but it worked!!

She attended a great support group of people who YEARS ago to less than a year ago had either gastric bypasses or the lapbands… and she now continues with them. I think it is crucial that one have a support group. Do you have access to anything like that? I hope you do because I think it would help you tremendously. She exercises and bike rides, too. I am wondering if you were properly counseled by a staff BEFORE you had this surgery.

The more you worry about this, the less chance you are giving yourself. Not ‘scolding’ you 🙂 … I just want you to start BELIEVING that you are going to be just fine!! With some people it DOES ‘take longer’… I SO hope you can find a good support group. Are you listening to people who say stuff like “You never should have had this done” … In a polite way, tell them to Shut Up!! 😀 They are NOT well intended and do NOT have your best interest at heart…
Good luck to you!

Debbie Gee

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Posted by @debbiegee, Sep 28, 2012

Please have your granddaughter look up weigh down diet at It is permanent weight loss program and you can eat whatever you want. I’ve had ice cream for dinner.


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Posted by @bettyann, Sep 28, 2012

Thank you, Debbie, I appreciate the reply… I will pass the on to my granddaughter, but hopefully the gal who first posted will also see that link because she is the one who really needs the help. I so hope it DOES help Adria. My granddaughter is fine…just every gret once in awhile she has a little problem with what she eats, but she is really a ‘success’ story. Sounds like you are too, Debbie! Good for you!

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