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4 generations afflicted :(

Posted by @kimmy, Feb 7, 2012


mom—schizophrenia and bipolar now with early onset dementia
uncle, son now 16—-bipolar
me,brother—–depression, add, anxiety
daughter—14 probably anxiety and possible evolving depression

I need to initiate an intensive search into our illness to pinpoint where our difficulties arise from………son is struggling, afraid he may hurt self, or someone, daughter is not diagnosed yet…..

Can anyone tell me how thier evaluations,testing etc. went at the clinic? Did it help to know in order to provide the right treatments that actually work? Are you able to determine what to do in the near future to ensure family safety, health?

No one in family has done this and I can not stand to do nothing about it while everyone suffers with this tortorous illness.

I will pack up now if I see that someone else was able to help thier family. A diagnosis and meds is not good enough. Inpatient acute care, PMICs and outpatient adolescent programs done help they are more behavioral focused. Son not a behavioral problem, need more than programs such as that.

Did you find it worth the emotional, financial, time investment, or did it leave you back to where you were..

Thank You



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Posted by @roxie43, Feb 16, 2012

You are not alone. Genetics are powerful and the best defense is education, accepting that we did not cause these illnesses and interview until you find a treatment team that you feel understands and respects you. My family on both sides have an array of issues
As for me, I have what I have and although I have had some questionable societal experiences I am proud of who I am and accept that being in treatment makes me stronger not weaker.
We can’t help where we come from but we don’t have to be defined by anything or be ashamed.

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