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34yr with chest pain for weeks

Posted by @xmush1620x, Mon, Dec 3 6:20pm

Let me start by introducing myself. I'm Natalie. A 34 year old female. My health has always been 'fine', besides I'm fat and smoked cigarettes for a bit, but I quit smoking 3 months ago (cold turkey, no replacement nicotine) and started going to the gym about 45 days ago, so I'm working on my health. Blood work is always good, no health issues known.
A few weeks ago, I started experiencing chest squeezing pain on the left side. Alarming enough I went to a walk in clinic and they did an EKG and said no issues. I did stop at my parents to take a quick BP (mine is always 115ish/70ish) as I was feeling super 'off'. BP was about 165ish/95ish. I took a xanax thinking it was anxiety, but it didnt come down. The next day it was back to normal.
Since then, my BP has been normal but chest pain still comes and goes throughout the day. From a squeezing sensation to a super 'heavy' feeling inside my chest.
Can this all be from quitting smoking? Anxiety?


@xmush1620x have you gone to cardiologist? I would to see what it is ,could just be muscles but better play safe then sorry.

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