34 yr old w/synovial cyst in L5/S1. Had FJI done, now butt/leg pain.

Posted by laashmi @laashmi, Apr 22, 2018

Hello everyone. Can anybody help provide me with answers? Doctors completely ignored the mri results showing the cyst for over 3 months. Finally after ‘a real adult’ steps in to help me, i was referred to a pain management specialist. (Theyd been denying me access to him as well as pain medicine). Had FJI’s done 4/19 and been in excruciating pain since in my butt and leg. Pain was at an 8/9 for the past two days and today about a 6/7.
Feels like the back part of my hip has been kicked several times and barely supports my weight. Had a few sciatic pains shooting down the back of my leg and now pain shooting down my fromt thigh, same leg. Ive only seen one person mention this online. Any idea as to what happened? 4/23 will be four days since the procedure,
So ill know if it did or didnt work. Dr says he was unable to aspirate me .5 centimeter cyst and current drug routine doesnt even begin to put a dent in the pain.
Any advice would be helpful. Ive had a total of 10-12 trigger point injections, countless tramadol/toridol shots and now the fjip which was a level 1.

The pain is unreal,
Particularly when i wake up paralyzed due to my spine locking up on me.

Hello @laashmi, welcome to Connect.

I'd like to invite back @4guys1me, @ajkd, @franciscanhermit, and @kibwezi who have all discussed having synovial cysts on Connect in the past. I am sorry to hear your pain is so bad, especially when waking up in the morning. It is not the same thing at all, but before I had my right knee replaced, the arthritis was so bad that every morning I would have to manually take my arms and snap my knee loose, so I understand how things can get worse over night.

@laashmi, while we wait for a few others to join in and to share their experiences, did your medical provider mention how long it might take to for your most recent procedure to start working for the pain?

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