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pat's lady

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32 year old daughter addicted to prescription drugs

Posted by @patslady, Jul 17, 2012

I need help with what to do with my daughter. She is 32 yrs old and is addicted to pain killers.



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Posted by @bettyann, Jul 17, 2012

One of my best friends has a daughter who had become severely addicted to pain pills when she was 40… The daughter is now 50 and is able to manage her pain better… My friend FIRST THING…confronted the doctor!! Let’s hope your daughter doctor will be cooperative.
Herein lies one of the worst problems we have with the AMA and doctors. If he/she is prescribing them carelessly, you need to make sure your daughter switches doctors.
Most hospitals have counselors that you can make appts with to ask for advice as to what steps to take. If she is GENUINELY addicted…this is a serious problem and will not resolve itself without intervention. Some hospitals have social workers that can give you advice. Check out the hospital your daughter’s dr is on staff with… that is your first step. ESPECIALLY if you don’t feel the doctor is enthusiastic about recognizing the problem and doing something about it.
…. You have to do what you can…and hope your daughter will cooperate….although don’t expect her to be super cooperative and overjoyed….in time she will truly be grateful to you for her help. Try not to LECTURE her … simply go about visiting with people who can help her…they can help YOU as well as her. Best of luck to you!!

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