22 yrs old with blood clots in lungs

Posted by lrprice @lrprice, Sep 24, 2012

Hey. I’m 22. In April of this year I was diagnosed with several blood clots in both lungs. I take high doses of warfarin daily, 25 mgs. In June I started having severe leg pain. A few days later it was in my back. Now I have severe pain everyday of my life. Have to take pain pills so I can move. I visit the Dr every week. And frequent er visits. I’m tired of taking pills. They say my clots came from smoking and birth control pills. My INR levels have not been therapeutic ever. Please help me.

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Ask your doctor if he thinks you may be Coumadin Resistant. Also, ask about genetic testing to be safe should it be decided to discontinue thinners. Google Post Thrombotic Syndrome, and see a Cardiologist to see if your heart has damage. At your age you will pay in the long run if you don’t self advocate for proper care. Having a Hematologist check for genetic disorders can save much stress worrying about recurrence, and ask about your diet – Vitamin K intake.It is now recommended you continue eatting the same amount of vegetables containing K that you did before. The body needs Vit K to have proper clotting balance.

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