2 year post op Bi-ventricular pacemaker with constant site pain

Posted by vickinlowe @vickinlowe, Sep 28, 2020

Almost 2 years ago I had a CRT Bi-ventricular Pacemaker put in, since then there has been a lot of pain in the area. Sometimes it feels like muscle or like something is pulling, it feels like there may be some heat in it, sometimes it feels like little shocks (which I can only assume is the pacemaker doing what it is supposed to do). I have congestive heart failure, afib, PVC’s and I am on blood thinner for life due to a massive saddle embolism which all of these is what caused me to get the PM. I have lost 165 lbs and the pacemaker also protrudes a lot and it moves a lot. I’ve asked the dr’s about they say it’s nothing to worry about, but it’s almost 2 years out I think the pain should be subsided. Any ideas or suggestion.

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@vickinlowe Hi and Welcome to connect. I see this is your first post so ill mention that connect is a place where patients and caregivers have a place to converse with others and we try to help one another with health concerns. So we are not medical personnel but share our own experiences.
I too used to have a pacemaker before i needed a transplant. I had a 3 led one with defibrillator. On the protrusion mine always was noticeable and stuck out quite a bit and moved around maybe about a half a inch side to side. My biggest issue it would itch once in a while and i found myself kinda moving it around to scratch the itch. On it getting warm i don't remember it doing that so i would probably give the doctor a call. Now the only time I felt pain tho was when the defibrillator part had to shock me back in rythem and that hurt quite a bit and made me jump. But i have heard of some that don't feel the pain of a shock as much as others and i do know there are different settings so maybe yours is pretty low. But i would ask at your next appointment if there were any treatments and they can check the memory. I hope that helps and please ask any questions you like there are many on here that may have suggestions.
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