1st Visit with New Nephrologist

Posted by fiesty76 @fiesty76, Mar 5 7:44am

So happy to report that I learned more in my first visit with the new nephrologist than in all combined other visits with the original one!!! Yes!

Although I'd earlier completed a lengthy "new patient" packet and because he wasn't in my network database, I also took previous CKD lab reports; a chart of impt. ckd values over time, a brief dated health history and my written questions: 1. What do I need to most focus on? 2. Am I currently taking meds that might need to be changed or eliminated because of harm to kidney function? 3. What can I do to best help my kidneys until our next visit?

He reviewed what I'd brought along, spent time explaining more about kidney function and answering my questions. I felt as though I'd reached Mecca. He listened and then congratulated me on the steps I'd taken in seeing a dietitian and on following meal guidelines, along with more walks, which had consistently improved both my A1c and ckd scores.

For a person who is very reluctant to make doctor changes, I was nearly giddy with relief at the difference that visit with him made. Now I'm looking forward to my 1st endocrinologist visit in April for help with osteoporosis and possible help with too much weight loss.

I wish I'd made a specialist change sooner but encourage others who are feeling that they might not have the best fit with a doctor for a particular chronic health problem to pay attention to your "gut feeling" and take the risk.

I celebrated by heading to my favorite restaurant "curb side" for a mushroom burger, slice of cake and ice cream!! What any reasonable mortal would do, right????? Best to all!

@fiesty76, Yay, you! Def a cake and ice cream occasion!

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