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16yo diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Posted by @stevej in About Kids & Teens, Oct 21, 2011

Hello, my name is steven. Today I found out that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 16. After looking up the condition for a while some things have started to concern me. One, the harsh and crippling damage it causes. And two, how many of the symptoms are already showing.

I was given the blood test by my doctor for unusual back and joint pain(thought to be caused by a motorcycle crash). I had always thought the stiffness and joint pain was usual for everybody, I guesss not. And after looking online I have discovered just how many symptoms I show. Joint pain, Stiffness in the morning, loss of some movement in pinky knuckle(both), and the numbness and tingling in feet.

For those of you who have this condition.. What measures can I take to slow the damage? Are there any good leads in the feild for a treatment? Advice on how to deal with it?

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Posted by @peacekeeper, Nov 14, 2011

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Posted by @christinabaita, Jan 8, 2012

Steven, I am sorry to hear that you too are diagnosed with this disease. I was diagnosed when I was 17. First with RA and then after a car accident, Systemic Lupus. They are both Auto Immune Diseases. I am now 38 and have one knee replaced (arthroscopic surgery on both knees around 20yrs old and a kidney transplant from the Lupus. Okay, now that you are terrified on what could happen, let's discuss how to help keep some of this from happening. While there are no guarantees, there are things that you can do to try and prevent.

You have to keep down the swelling and keep your bones strong. If you are not already taking multi vitamins and extra calcium, please go get them today! I was taking a prescription med to build bone but found out that taking Caltrate with the added bone builder actually built my bones up by 2% in one year! If you are allowed to take products like Advil, then do so when you have pain, which is often caused by inflammation (swelling). There are also many foods that you can eat that can help. Celery, Alfalfa tea and rosemary baths. Look up some other herbal remedies and even try the 14day green smoothie challenge. Also, try going Gluten Free. When I was eating Gluten Free, I didn't hurt as bad. I am starting both of those again because they helped a lot.

Good Luck and don't lose faith! Keep your research going and stay positive for the best results. You can still have an active lifestyle.

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Posted by @jleonjordan, Mar 4, 2012

Christina, I'm so sorry you are living with this, and thank you for your post. My sister of 24 has just been diagnosed with RA and I'm trying to help as much as possible. From your experience could you please let me know which foods can help with RA? and did I understood correctly celery, alfalfa tea and rosemary baths help? If you don't mind how do you prepare these baths? If there is a site I can find please let me know. Thank you for any advice and knowledge you can provide.


Posted by @christinabaita, Mar 7, 2012

Hello. It's a hard disease to live with at times. Some days I feel great and some times I hurt so bad. I know that a lot of caffeine make me hurt worse. Lately, my hands and feet are affected terribly. I am back on Cymbalta, which I didn't realize was really helping. When I had a blender and was including the Green Smoothie Challenge in my diet (google it), I also felt fantastic! I will look for some more info for you. You can also check out for more. Thanks and good luck.

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Posted by @jleonjordan, Mar 17, 2012

Thank you so much for this information...If you can find any info I will appreciate very much...


Posted by @ftworthrose, Jan 10, 2012

Steve, I was diagnosed at a much later age than you--41. I've been dealing with this rotten disease for 12 years now. My advice: first, find a good rheumatologist, one who will LISTEN; second, be pro-active, in other words be your own advocate. If you are on a medication that isn't working as well as you think it should, tell the doc. There have been SO MANY new drugs/advances made even since I was diagnosed. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Write them down in advance of your appointment if necessary. While RA cannot be cured, it CAN be slowed down so you can live an active life, which I'm sure you have at 16. Good luck and God Bless.

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