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15 year old ADOLESCENT high HEMOGLOBIN 20 and high HEMATOCRIT 55.8

Posted by @sistade, Sep 2, 2012

My 15 year old son Cole who is an outstanding athlete and works out hours daily, recently had a routine physical which showed a high hemoglobin 20 and then were sent to a Hematologist. This week, my 15 YEAR OLD with a high HEMOGLOBIN 20 and a high HEMATOCRIT 55.8 saw the hematologist and HIS LIFE is literarily on hold! What in the world has happened or caused such a thing to happen? We are scared out of our mind as we read things on the internet! He is receiving blood therapy twice a week; 500 ml of blood removed and then hydrated with saline. The doctor has sent his blood to Mayo clinic and we have every test and doctor lined up over the next two weeks. All his paper work states is “secondary POLYCYTHEMIA, etiology to be determined”. The only symptoms my son has had in the past 6 months is asthma, fatigue, dizzy and extra perspiration, however none were abnormally striking! Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated… we are desperate for any insight! HOW and WHEN do we take him to MAYO CLINIC


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