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Amanda Bicknell

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15 car accidents and some pretty crazy results

Posted by @amandabicknell, Jun 20, 2013

About six weeks after my 15th car accident I started getting strange pain all over my body–like my nervous system was just randomly firing. It started out in my thighs and then as a couple months passed it spread and started happening in other areas of my body. Then it began happening all the time, all over. I couldn’t sleep well and the pain caused me to get suicidal because it was so bad.
I started taking (doctor recommended) calcium supplements as well as hyperthalamus, adrenal and thryroid support. They all alleviated the symptoms, when combined, within an hour of taking them. It was my first relief at the time, in five months. I was thrilled.
I had everything carefully monitored, but then I was aware for work and stopped drinking milk, a couple years later. Within two months my hair started falling out. I went back to drinking milk and it stopped. All but about 5% of my hair grew back.
A year later I moved to a region where I couldn’t be properly monitored for these supplements. I kept taking them, as I wanted to without doctor input. Then, my hair started falling out again, a few months into it. It got worse and worse and I noticed I started going down hill health-wise. I was exhausted all the time, had terrible night sweats (these actually started years before–after about the 14th car accident). I felt like I was on my way to something severe, like even death, within a year of this fast decline.
I went to an endocrinologist and a neurologist. Neither had any idea what was wrong. They did one blood test for T3 and said my thyroid looked normal. I knew something was definitely off. I know my body and I’d had PTSD for years because of the accidents, and even longer because of childhood trauma like war and rape. My nervous system felt like it was falling apart.
I had a hair analysis and a saliva test. Regular doctor’s say these are inaccurate, but regular doctors couldn’t find the problem and didn’t even feel like looking for it–they just said they didn’t know what to do and had no recommendations. That’s not good doctoring!
Anyway, the hair analysis revealed that, due to my up-to-300% a day or perhaps even more sometimes, supplemental use of calcium, I’d stopped absorbing calcium and become severely malnourished. My zinc was 20% of what it should be, manganese was 5% of what it should be, and the list goes on and on as to how malnourished I had become. So, I started juicing every day, twice (then three times) a day to get bioavailable calcium so my body would utilize it so I could regain some strength. I also began chelation using magnesium as the binder, along with some other things, but that’s the predominant binder.
It’s been almost a year since I began chelating. At first I couldn’t hardly take any of the chelation–I just wasn’t strong enough. Little by little I could tolerate it. I have more energy, but when I don’t juice I notice I get the neurological pain symptoms, plus the burning rash on my stomach. I drink the juice (all veggies, like Kale, celery, beets, carrots, parsley, ginger, radish, usually) and 15-20 mins later, the symptoms start to dissipate. They are usually gone in less than an hour. The red rash on my stomach just goes away. It is what brings relief.
Now I think my thyroid and other hormone glands are still not performing adequately and I need someone to help me figure out what is and isn’t working and a way forward. I can keep juicing and chelating, but wonder–as I’ve lost more than half my hair and it’s not really growing back–what more can I do? Who can help me figure out this maze? What in the world is wrong with me and can Western, Allopathic medicine determine a cause and a course of treatment? Or, am I on my own sorting through a maze of juicing, homeopathy, nutritional supplementation, etc?
Oh, and when I wake up my vision is blurry. Plus, I’m having a lot of trouble sleeping–more and more, I have drastically reduced sugar in my diet because it makes me really ill and throws my emotions into a tailspin–not metabolizing it well at all.

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Posted by @anon88669958, Oct 4, 2013

I would get tested for proteins , and check for Rheumatoid Arthritis. It is very missed by doctors. With as many pros out there I hear story’s like this all the time. I went through one dr to the next. They treated symptoms but never bothered to get medical records from past tests or dr’s . 13 years of misery a failed marriage and my children believing that I was a selfish mother and faked everything. Father backed that theory up. So, bug them to death and make sure that they see test results and all that

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