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Me again, my last post I must say, I thought about it later and I take a lot of that back. I do appreciate that there is a concerted effort to save my life. I just wish i was told more information, and treated like a whole person I guess.

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You don’t need to take it back, unless it was unfair. Honestly I have that same feeling sometimes with my medical team even today. I had every feeling you describe during times of intense treatments. I do understand that doctors get very focused on saving our lives (very important, lol) but I think they forget sometimes about us as people.
I do find the oncology nurses to be an amazing source of help. If you aren’t getting the help you need during that short visit with the oncologist, the nurse can sometimes take more time time to understand and know what to ask for on your behalf to lessen the misery. Those nurses deal with a wide variety of patients and they are absolutely amazing.
When is your next scheduled appointment? Are you able to eat and be comfortable now, until the next time? How many treatments?