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Good question @buttons.
I’m tagging @vickis @charbaby @dbdeer on this discussion to see if they have any thought.

Did you see the webinar Interstitial Lung Disease and Lung Transplant: What Patients Need to Know hosted by Cassie Kennedy, M.D., Transplant Pulmonologist, and Teng Moua, M.D., Interstitial Lung Disease Clinic Director? You can watch it here: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/a-interstitial-lung-disease-and-lung-transplant-what-patients-need-to-know/

Has a lung transplant been suggested for you at this time?

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Hi Colleen, none of my doctors have said anything at this time. I was checking out my options for who knows when I might need a transplant. Dermatomyositis is a disease that’s somedays I believe has a mind of its own.