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My wife has had stage IIIb lung cancer.

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@burrkay – that is one piece of good news, no adrenal gland cancer. I hope they get to the bottom of the platelet count soon. What will happen now? More tests? Platelet transfusions?

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Best wishes to you and your wife. I  hope that you get the answers and a good plan for her current problems.   It is good that she has breaks from the difficult symptoms where she feels and looks good.   I commend you both in that you are getting some state-of-the art medical care.  I had not previously heard of the VATS procedure, but from a little investigation that appears to be a great alternative to more invasive types of surgery. You and your wife seem to be working hard to get answers.  I know that Mayo Connect has certainly be a help to me.  I agree that the wait for test results and call backs can be very frustrating.  Colleen and the support group are such wonderful, encouraging resources. I encourage you to keep sharing.  This is the place where you will find help and understanding!

Thanks a bunch Hopeful! No answer about the low platelettes. The oncologist says her number is low, but not to be concerned unless it drops to much lower. I understand it can be an after effect to the chemo chemicals. Don’t know if it will regenerate or just what the next step might be. The oncologist was upbeat, and says he will see us back in 3-4 months. In the meantime they will continue to intermittently do labs to check the platelettes.

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No transfusions at this point. The oncologist in Jacksinville is not concerned with it!?!?