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Im in scottsdale or we are

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@tylerj. I thought, somehow, that you are in Michigan. Since you're in Scottsdale and there is a Mayo Clinic near you, has Lisa been seen there? I know it can be a challenge to be seen at Mayo Clinic if there are insurance issues but if you and Lisa are interested then you could call their Billing Dept. and ask if they take Lisa's insurance. Every state is different in how insurance works and which clinics take which insurance plans. I'm not familiar with Arizona but I do know that the insurance issues are different in Arizona than in Rochester, MN where I go to Mayo Clinic.

So, back to some of my questions. Are you looking for medical help with Lisa and for another medical opinion? Or are you looking for help at home with your wife?

@tylerj Scottsdale, AZ?
Have you tried to get an appointment at Mayo there?

If you can’t get in to Mayo, the Core Institute is another option. They are at
8952 E Desert Cove Ave, Suite 113
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

There are lots of great doctors in Scottsdale you can try.

I’m across the valley in the northwest.