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Fifteen years ago I was put on 450mg of Venlafaxine along with 450mg of bupropion and 900 of lithium. In June I presented evidence to my doctors that I should not be on these drugs. They agreed to begin a process of titrating off all of them. I am now at 300mg of Venlafaxine, 300mg of bupropion and 600mg of lithium.

I have not had any withdrawal symptoms. Been there before and know how bad they can be.

Here is what I have changed. I cleaned up my diet. No added sugar and no highly processed foods. I exercise vigorously three hours a day. Strength training and cardio. I sweat so much the lithium hardly registers in my bloodstream.

I’ve lost thirty pounds and feel the best I ever have. I still have most of the wretched side effects of the antidepressants and my sleep has suffered as I refuse to take Seroquel for sleep.

Both the sleep and the side effects are improving as the Venlafaxine and bupropion are being decreased. I’m now headed into sub three hundreds on both. We’ll see how it goes from here.

I was all but dead in June. I could not live the way I was living. I had been taking poison for fifteen years no wonder I was sick.

I took whatever pill they gave me no questions asked; no more. After a month of research I realized I had to change my lifestyle. That even if I couldn’t get off all the pills eating better and exercising would be good for me. Things were bad enough that I changed. It was that or kill myself.

I am sixty years old and truly feel the best I ever have (bad childhood) my brain fog is lifting, the fatigue is gone and my body is strong. The only downside so far is I think I’m forty five as I’ve been asleep for fifteen years.

I still have a long way to go. But for me there’s no downside to eating better and exercising. While I’m sweating I think about all the toxins melting away.

In my opinion the medications I have been on should be used in life threatening emergencies only. Presently they are given out like candy.

I was sad and anxious when I was put on the cocktail of medication detailed, I was also working fifteen hours a day, hardly sleeping, four babies in five years and a billion dollar company to run. I needed a vacation not medication.

With any luck they’ll be gone by the end of the year.

Now, if I could just get my wife and kids back all would right with world.

Thanks for listening.

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I have been on psych drugs for 40 + years. I think they ruined my stomach and brain. I can't get off them because when I do I can hardly move, breath, eat. Good luck to you . You are very brave and it's a good thing you found out about the drugs you were on. You will make it.

Thought I should up date my experience. It's been about a month since my last venlafaxine pill. The insomnia kicked in pretty much right away. I sleep in two hour blocks, wake up and go back to sleep for another two hours.

The sleep disturbances started shortly after being put on venlafaxine fifteen years ago. Doctor said as long as you are getting eight hours total you’ll be fine. Well that didn't work out so well.

I had hoped that when the venlafaxine was no longer in my system my sleep would improve. No such luck it has gotten worse. Sleep disturbances come with the medication and stick around even when it is supposedly out of my system.

I've been so sleep deprived that I've not been able to process my grief and I end up crying hysterically at the drop of a hat. Something had to give.

I agreed to go back on 100mg I seroquel to help me sleep. I hate the side-effects of this drug but I hated the idea of going back on venlafaxine even more.

Two nights of sleep and I'm okay. I still have racing thoughts and incredible grief but I am able to function. I am hopeful that by getting my sleep evened out I will be able to meet the remaining challenges more effectively.

I hope we all find the peace we deserve.