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Gramps 64, Welcome, You just got started! 22 years ago , when I was 42 years old, I smoked, I was fit and had a high resistance, I suffered all the signs of a heart attack, pale as a glass of milk, extreme pain in my left arm,chest,cold sweat etc. I was alone that day at home. When I awoke the next day I went to see a cardiologist. I passed the stress test and he determined by the electrocardiogram that I had experienced some sort of blockage. My BP was normal. My cholesterol was very high. I am 5’9″ and weighted 180 lbs. Only medications I was prescribed was LIPITOR, After 6 months I stopped taking them due to pain in my joints.

Five Years ago I visited the hospital due to an allergic reaction of AVELOX. My BP was sky high, A catherization was performed and I had a stent placed. Plavix and 81 mg for a year.

Instead of eating a full plate morning, noon and night , I eat 40% ! I read all the labels and try to eat as healthy as I can. I quit smoking 22 years ago “cold turky” I weight 210 now and like You I have a plan to get the weight off. Yes I get tired, some days I slack off. But I always go back.

You have Your plan, Not everyday you will stick to it, but you should always go back to it.
This is a TEAM effort, Yes , You , Me and all that belong to this forum will support You.

Thank You for letting me be part of this group.

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Welcome to the Get Heart Fit team @joem! I love your attitude. Two steps forward and one step back is still progression. I’m working with D & D – determination and dedication. A little slacking off doesn’t mean I’ve lost sight of the end goal.