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I was diagnosed with abnormal mitral valve prominent anterior leaflet. with no mitral valve prolapse and no regurgitation. is this dangerous ?

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Hello @bruloi ,

I would like to add my welcome to Mayo Connect and I also thank you for sharing with the group. It certainly does cause a lot of worry and anxiety when a doctor tells you that something is not right with your heart, or any part of your body for that matter.

I have been living with Mitral Valve Prolapse for about 51 years, diagnosed about 40 yrs ago. My valve leaflets fold backward occasionally. This is found on my Grandmothers side of my family and in my case I believe it is a, genetic defect of connective tissue.

My symptoms are many but an irregular heart rhythm is the most bothersome. Worry and anxiety are my two biggest struggles as they only make my symptoms worse.

As a patient have been told by my cardiologist that Mitral Valve Prolapse is quite common. The severity can vary as well as the symptoms. With Mitral Valve Prolapse or MVP, as some refer to it, the valve leaflets can thicken over time.

You do not have prolapsing (folding) of the valve, on the last echo, no regurgitation (leakage), no enlargement or thickening other than a small amount affecting one of the leaflets. Your cardiologist is watching this as it should be.

With the information you have provided and based upon my experience as a patient, I would think you should have a cautious degree of concern but not worry. Follow the directives of your cardiologist and go on with life unless there is a reason to worry. I’m going to say it is no more dangerous than crossing a street or driving an automobile. These are my views based upon my experience.

How are you doing? I hope you are doing well and managing the anxiety. Best wishes to you.

Von @vdouglas

Thank you for the advice @vdouglass. I’m doing good.

@bruloi ,
That is good to hear that you are doing well. How did you discover that you had a fast heartbeat? Is that what led to your original diagnosis of MVP?

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