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Hello @bruloi and welcome to Mayo Connect. We are glad that you posted your concerns regarding your abnormal mitral valve anterior leaflet. I can understand your concern. Any problems with the heart seems especially daunting, doesn’t it?

The fact that you are fold that your heart works “normal” sounds good. Also that you only need an echocardiogram every 3-5 years also sounds encouraging.

If you feel comfortable sharing a bit more, would you mind telling us what led to this diagnosis? Was it during a routine screening or were you having symptoms? Did your doctor explain how this abnormality came about (i.e., was it genetic or a result of an illness or infection)? Are there others in your family with similar problems?

I would also like to invite others into this conversation. Please meet @bjanderson @tomonthebeach @carnes @lyndylou @frande @dave2455 @shakuni11 @ch246cf10 @lizm53 @tavrm, and volunteer mentor @predictable. These Members may also have some thoughts for you.

We look forward to getting to know you and supporting you during this time of learning and investigating. Most of us have found that the more knowledge we have about a health problem, the better we can cope with it. Please also remember that getting a second opinion. is always in your best interests where you feel a concern.


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Hello @hopeful33250. I was having some fast heartbeats, I did lots of ekg and they all came back normal. Doctors didn’t even wanted to schedule me an echocardiogram because they said everything looks normal. But than I said i was told I have mitral valve prolapse 10 years ago.told them I did another echocardiogram in 2015and showed no sign of prolapse.So than finally they scheduled me an echo.after the echo they said i have a larger and smaller leaflet, not normal. but that’s how the leaflets are shaped. they said doesn’t show prolapse or regurgitation.And heart works normally

I don’t have any family history of this.

@bruloi After reading your various posts I was wondering if you have ever consulted with a Structural Heart Specialist. These are cardiologists with specific training in valve disorders and other structural matters pertaining to the heart. You will probably find them at a large medical center (such as a medical school or a larger medical research center such as a Mayo facility). Perhaps a consult with one of these doctors would help you to know that you are on the right track with both follow up as well as treatment.

Do you live near a medical school or a large medical research center? Are you taking any meds for the rapid heartbeat?


Hello here full 33250!I don’t have any fast heart beats now. I don’t live near to any of this schools but I will call them. Thank you for the advice.

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