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I know that there are high functioning stroke victims, I knew there just had to be. Thank you for being one. I must have found a very determined person who not only had a stroke but was also born with CP. If you were determined to function with Cerebral Palsy you would also be determined to function with a stroke and CP. Congratulations! Now if more people would not give up on themselves when they heard someone say "You had a stroke" or if the staff would not give up on then either. That way more people would become high functioning stroke victims and not chair bound, or bed, for the rest of their lives.

As long as I do not qualify for physical therapy anymore, sometimes I find it hard to leave my chair. My body reminds me to stretch in the morning, or sitting in front of the computer as I am reading something. I am still having trouble with my balance, not the kind where I might trip and fall – because my inner balance is very, very good. The balance I have trouble with, is when I am walking on carpet with lots of people or things in my way. My home is stroke friendly, I have areas that I do not go into very often so my walker goes with me. Walking on sidewalks with bumps and cracks requires a walker or an escort. Getting in and out of cars is very challenging. Some cars are very low then some are very high and some are just right. I have even gotten in and out of trucks. When you depend on others (wonderful friends) to drive, you take what you get. Today it was a low car, when her husband drives me it is a high car. Getting in the passenger side, or the back seat, is nothing like getting in the drivers side. On the drivers side you have the steering wheel to help, there is nothing on the passenger side or back seat to help. Even the seatbelt is on a different side. Between age and two strokes I do not plan on driving again, I've give away my car.

The insurance I have is one I wish everyone could have. It is only in limited places but very popular where it is. If a doctor request something for you, you get it. Cosmetic surgery is not covered, unless it is for medical reasons. Breast reductions they might do if it causes your back pain but if you want to have your breast enlarged you have to go off sight and pay for it.


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As far as helping you to get in and out of cars, look on the internet for car swivel cushions. You can even do a car seat swivel cushion rating and reviews search so you can compare the cushions and see which one might work best for you. They mostly cost less than $30 and are portable so you can move them from car to car. For your husband's car, it can be modified with a handle to help you get in or there are automatic car seats that will extend out from the car and retract once you are seated. They are expensive but your insurance may pay for the modification. I would also contact your local Center For Independent Living and see if they can provide assistance.