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It is good to hear that you know that the opposite of 10% is 90%. Not everyone figures out that if we are told that we have a 50% chance of rain today that we also have a 50% chance of not having rain. Have you noticed a difference in your stride after using your Fitbit? When I am rested, in the morning, I have a longer stride than at night when I am tired. I hope your experience with a neurologist is better than the one I had. Neurologist try to prevent strokes not work with those of us with strokes. If you can find someone who works with post-stroke victims please share what you can. When you said that you "feel light headed most of the time" is that the same as dizzy? Half of the meds I take can cause dizziness. I had the choice of taking an antidepressant or talk therapy. I would rather talk with someone than take another pill. My insurance covered both.

I knew when I was in the hospital that once I was sent to rehab if I did not take over my own care that I would not fully recover. Before my strokes I had purchased a copy of "My Stroke of Insight" by Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D. and knew what I had to do to recover from my strokes. As soon as I was able to reread the book I did.

The only person I know with a stroke is not "high functioning". He has given up, never tried doing things and does not appear as if he wants to. When I knew him before his stroke he was not very active, so I guess he has not changed. The first thing I wanted to do once I was in rehab was knit. I knew that knitting would get my right hand, arm and body back to working together. I did lots of knitting and all the knitting that I did helped with my keyboard skills. The keyboard skills helped with spelling, spelling helped with writing, writing helped with reading and…. I am progressing forward and ageing backward, at least I feel I am going backwards in somethings. Like forgetting things as my friends are forgetting them, it has gotten to the point I cannot blame things on my stroke anymore, when it is my age.

Thank you for letting me blow off a little steam.

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Thanks for your comments. Still working on that 90%.