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Other than the joys that comes along with CAA did you have any paralysis from the strokes? If so what part of your body was affected? (my right side, the strokes were in the left hemisphere) How long ago did you have the strokes? (mine were in 2014) How close together were your strokes? (mine were a month apart) Did you have any therapy and how long? (I was in rehab for 2 months, had therapy at home once a week for about 2 months, then went once a month to the clinic).

When I was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma in 1975 they told me it was not curable, the best they could ask for was dormancy and to get me down the road 20 years. So when doctors tell us something is not curable they are at least one year behind the times. Unless doctors are doing the research themselves they hear about what is going on at the same time we do, on the nightly news.

What is meant by keeping your blood pressure as low as possible? The new normal, I think, is 120/80. If our blood pressure gets too low we can pass out. Do you take your own blood pressure so you know if it is high or not? Have protein deposits been found in any other part of your body? (that is something I know nothing about) I don't consider myself high functioning I was diagnosed as high functioning stroke patient/victim. I am better than I was 6 months ago and I hope I am better in another 6 months. Unfortunately, not everyone works hard to recover from a stroke, they want that magic wand waved over them to take the stroke away. You sound as if you are working to "take your strokes away". Good luck.


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My strokes were about a year a part. I did about six months of in house physical therapy with home therapy afterwards. I am currently functioning pretty well. My blood pressure has been below the norm (110/70) with the help of blood pressure meds and no blood thinners including baby aspirin. I feel light headed most of the time, but have learned to live with it. Also, since having the strokes, my wife said that I have become mean. I am on anti depressants which she says helps. I have a Fitbit and walk 10,000 steps a day. I also try and lift light weights. I have also made arrangements with a local neurologist who I hope will keep me current on any new procedures regarding a cure. I also check the internet regarding work being done on finding a cure. Other that that I keep my fingers crossed that I don’t have anymore strokes. As I have mentioned before I have been told by the people at Mayo, Rochester, MN that past experience suggest that I will have a ten percent chance of having another one each year. As I like to say I have a ninety percent chance of not having one. Hope I may have helped you. Good luck to you in a long future!