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I had both strokes while I was in the hospital and I do not remember either one. I was told that a doctor was with we when I had my first ischemic stroke. When I saw the paperwork, much later, it said "Coma, Ischemic". If I were in a coma that is why I have no memory of the strokes. I remember waking up with my right hand in a fist and trouble moving my right side. I know that I had to get rid of the fist, I also knew that I had had a stroke. I do not remember if I had heard someone say I had a stroke or I just knew. My mother had died from a stroke, and I like learning, so I learned what I could about strokes after she died. I was able to work on the fist and got my fingers to straighten out, then I had another ischemic stroke and found my right hand in a fist again. It did not take as long to get my fingers to straighten out. All this was done "undercover" so no one knew how hard I worked.

I knew that I had to work to recover from my strokes, and I still have more work to do. My balance is not good so I use a walker. I plan on using the walker in public for a long time. People are less likely to bump into me. When I am around people who know I have had the 2 strokes I am comfortable to leave the walker behind, but not very far away. When shopping I use the cart as my walker and can pick up the items I want. The cart is between me and the people so they are not going to bump into me. I always have someone with me and they want to help so I let them do somethings, but I have to do some of the work or I will not improve.

Thank you for the list of items about strokes. I do not have time to look at them now and may not tomorrow but I will this week.

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I finally was able to follow up on your Aug 29th posting and read the suggestions you posted, Colleen. Life does happen and sometimes gets in the way so I was unable to read your postings as soon as I wanted. I did not realize just how far I have come, in the almost 4 years, since I had my strokes. I no longer have to use one finger to type. I can use both hands now, still look at the keyboard, and I do not always use the correct fingers but I am getting much better. Most words I have to spell, in my head, then try to remember where the keys are on the keyboard.

I have noticed that "thinking" requires more energy than "doing". Every time I spend more time using the keyboard my body wants to take a nap. I also find that I am reading more then falling asleep with a book on my lap, or should I say waking up with a book on my lap. Because I do not blink is much as I once did my eyes dry out so I keep eye drops by the computer. (My eyes were burning the doctor said that my eyes were dry and to use eye drops as needed.)

Walking is one of the things I do not do as much as I should. I use my walker outside and will for a while. There are too many bumps, cracks, pebbles and twigs in my way. Most can cause me to stop abruptly especially when I do not see them. Yes, I have both walkers – one that is heavy with larger wheels and brakes, while the other one is lighter, folds up smaller and does not have brakes. Getting anything up and down 4 steps that is heavy and cumbersome is very hard if you are female and will over 60. I am not a shopper, never have been, but the best place to walk, with a walker, is in a big store with wide and clean eisles. People are willing to give you more room when you are in a chair or using a walker or cane, even if you do not have to use them at home. That is why I use my walker when I am out and about.

If anyone is willing to share their experiences of living with a stroke I would enjoy reading what you have to say. If we are able to help others on how to live with a stroke then we are doing our job. I know that is why I had my strokes, you can only share what you know about living with a stroke if you are living with a stroke. Thank you.


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