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Chronic dizziness and vestibular migraines

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Hey, i’m 21 and this sounds exactly like what I have been going through the last two months. I had had recurreent dizzy spells before (like over the the past year) and went to an ENT and they figured it was just from anxiety. I tried to ignore it, but now I have been lightheaded and dizzy every day for the past two months. Its like my vision is constantly blurry and grainy but gets worse when i stand up. i also have random numbness in my right arm and leg. Sometimes numbness in the back of my head and neck. My doctor thought it was just from muscle spasms in my neck so I started to see a PT for the past few weeks. I went to a neurologist and all my MRIs and spinal tap came back normal. They still can’t find the main reason why i am feeling dizzy which is so frustrating. Finishing school with this is getting tough. I got a nerve block in my neck muscles and was prescribed meclizine, setraline and topamax. I am hoping with all of that and PT i may start to fee normal again. I also started allergy medicine daily as I have heard that helps. Anyways you are not alone in this problem! What dietary changes did they suggest? @natvlk

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@ssss10 If you have constant neck muscle spasms, it can be caused by thoracic outlet syndrome which I do have. I also had a bad cervical disc and had spine surgery for that. With one side of my neck being chronically tighter, it can start turning and shifting vertebrae causing a misalignment. When that happens, and if bad enough, it can cause vertigo and nausea, and bad muscular headaches. If you also have some arm symptoms, you might consider seeing a specialist for TOS. You have to find them at places that treat TOS like Mayo, and a lot of doctors don't understand it. Physical therapy helps. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/thoracic-outlet-syndrome/symptoms-causes/syc-20353988