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Laryngectomy, to be or not to be.

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Thank you Ntodd for your response. I can understand what you go through on a daily basis, especially when it comes to the pain. After my treatments in 2018, I have horrible pain in my throat every single day. I cant moisturize my throat tissues, and of course the wicked coughing spells make it worse.
On a better note, it seems like you have a good medical team monitoring your condition. I had the number 1 ENT at my hospital, but I had to drop him. He was very arrogant, and full of himself, with absolutely no bedside manners. He would make jokes about my neck being skinny. To his surprise some of the new residents would defend me. It's a teaching hospital. My new ENT, just changes my trach, but does not even check or scope me. Totally useless, I can change my trach myself, and save the $45 copay.
I'm 64 yrs old and was looking forward to my golden years. But cancer takes away your quality of living, affects your financial stability, among other things. I had a great job working for the county with a good salary. I got sick with cancer and lost my job, cause I could barely speak, and have to survive on tubes to breathe and eat.
I'm glad for now you dont have to endure a larenjectomy. That surgery in my opinion, is not more beneficial It just creates more issues to deal with, and being older, it's not easy at all.
Hope in the future, like me, you can manage what we have been dealt with.

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Thanks for your reply suz22. Just one point that has made a remarkable difference to me. Anti-Fungal treatment. I restarted the treatment a few days back now and have had truly great success with the amount of mucus forming in my throat. This has dramatically reduced the amount of coughing to clear the airway and some of the pain association with swelling down as well. My doctor has given me two courses of 14 days each a small capsule to be taken 1 each day. Should it return I can restart the next course preferably after seeing he or the ENT team.
Small light at the tunnel at the least. By the way a scope doesn't or can't show fungal spores, they are too small. Only a Biopsy designed to look FOR THEM. But maybe your doctor could look at this option and see if it can make a difference. I don't think for you it would be very expensive as an option.
I am in Australia, yes down under. Cancer is a worldwide problem, and I came across this site while researching options. Luckily for us we have a fantastic medical system. It can be totally free, via our public hospitals. We have the option of private via Insurance, but it still has too many out-of-pocket expenses. I pay $6.60 for any script on our PBS and nothing for hospitals specialists or doctors. Cancer patients also get special attention if they are people like me, more remote. Travel expenses and accommodation are available if required. So the financial burden is removed and allows us to get on with healing.
Time will tell with me and the ongoing Larynx problem, but I will be doing everything in my power to try and regain some better health. It is also my wish that yourself and all the others can get to a point where all the problems with the various cancer sites can get some long-term help and relief. Please take care and look after yourself.
Many thanks.