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Hi…I had total hip replacement (right side) on Mar. 27th, 2023. I have also had numbness, exactly the same as you have described. MOST of that has disappeared, as of last week, but I still have swelling in my right leg and foot….I can drive, thank God, though. I'd go nuts if I couldn't. What I am worried about right now is that on the inside of my lower right leg and foot, it is red, purple and mottled. Why? The foot is painful. I also had (much) more pain than what I was told. I'm not a complainer, but when I was told it (the surgery) "will be a piece of cake", it was just the opposite. I told myself to just hang in there, it would get better. I was told practically nothing before I left the hospital the next day….so I thank God that I am healing. The worst is my lower back, but maybe I am doing too much (been cleaning & working in the yard, should I be?)….or moving in the wrong way. To be TRUTHFUL, if I could have, I would have stayed longer in the hospital (which I thought I would NEVER say LOL!)….I know a lady who, because of Medicare, and the fact that she lived alone, was allowed 14 days….her room was next to the physical therapy room and she loved it. Even though I don't live alone, it could have really made it less stressful to stay in the hospital…..and let THEM take care of me & make sure I did my therapy. I had my 6 wk. follow-up with the surgeon (they x-rayed the hip, all was fine they said)….I showed him all the mottling & told him the foot hurts….I can live with all of this as long as I know that I am healing correctly & what I am experiencing now will simply eventually go away. ALL he said was, "Put on the compression sock." That is NOT the answer. Hopefully, what is going on is just an 'after-affect' of the surgery….and it will disappear. I know everyone is different….and we all heal differently and in our own time. It is the fact that no one actually prepared me for ANYTHING before the surgery. I'll make it, though….I'm past that 'hump' and just need to know what is going on with me now. Don't see the surgeon for another 6 wks. I just wish everyone good health here….I envy the people who have been well-advised before they had different surgeries. LOL I bungled through but will be fine! If anyone has had the red/purple mottling and leg/foot pain after a hip replacement, I'd sure appreciate knowing. I just tell myself that I've gone through worse…and this, too will just get better. Thanks for listening! 🙂

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Sorry to hear this Monica. I guess there are all types of things that can and do go wrong with these surgeries. I am interested to hear about your numbness going away. Was it just suddenly or did parts start to return to normal over several days?

And I too wish I had not had my surgery done at the same day surgery center. I think if I were in the hospital, they would have listened more when I told how much my leg was throbbing, which now I know what due to the nerve damage. I would never have this procedure done again unless I was literally having to crawl around. This has been a miserable experience and it's made worse by all the well meaning people who tell you that they recovered in a few weeks and it's the best thing they have ever done.