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Hi @nusscass I'm tagging a few other transplant patients and caregivers like @nanmargaret @eileenheart @nikkispk @beckyy39 @jedikaiti @mbentley @kowalskik @gingercorless who have experience with Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. They can share their accommodation experiences.

I agree with @parrot53 to look into Gabriel House at Mayo Clinic for transplant recipients and donors. Here's more information:
– The Convenience of Transplant Hospitality Houses https://connect.mayoclinic.org/blog/transplant/newsfeed-post/the-convenience-of-transplant-hospitality-houses/

Nusscass, how are you doing transitioning from Critical Care/Trauma RN to now being the patient? That must be … odd? Challenging? Are you a good patient?

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I stayed at 8876 AC Skinner Parkway condos for my 4 week post transplant stay. It was nice. Only about 8 minutes away from the Mayo. Affordable. I needed a TV in my room and living room for my sanity. And the kitchen is your own. It was a nicely sized 2 bed and 2 full bath. Walk in shower in the master was nice. I stayed at The Gabriel House for pre-transplant evaluation. They were great and VERY affordable. But we couldn’t eat in our rooms and didn’t have a private kitchen. I wanted that for the ease of my caretaker as well. I could plop on the couch or recliner with all of my aches and pains and looking like poo without worrying about anyone else in a shared living setting. I’m here if you have any other questions about the Jacksonville process. I’m only 5 months post transplant.