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Im 78 How old are you now please

How long did Xtandi work and what was after it and again after that
My pc is in spine L1 L2 T 10 11
Where is yours/ Did it shrink? Did it stop?
Control only? Did it go to organs brain?

What should I expect

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I will be 62 this fall. and I was diagnosed at 52. I had a prosectomy followed with radiation. Then I had 6 rounds of chemo followed by Zytiga and prednisone for almost 4 years. After that stopped working they put me on Xtandi which didn't work too good, it sort of stabilized my PSA though it started rising after 3 months. Then came 13 rounds of Jevtana chemotherapy. Every 3 weeks from May of 22 until February of 23. PSA was stable but it slowly started to rise. I'm now on Pluvicto. I have just completed my 2nd round of 6 at 6 weeks apart. Too soon to tell if is working. During these years my PSA has been between .20 and never above 3.5 during all of these treatments. I'm on xgeva shots for my bone mets on my rib cage, middle spine and on the back of my neck. The 2 on my back were fractures which have healed nicely. Almost no pain. I get Lupron injections every six months. All I can say is that everyone is different. I have a good sense of humor and just go on like nothing has happened. Fatigue is the biggest hurdle and I can deal with that. They told me at the beginning that they were going to throw everything but the kitchen sink at me in the beginning and they weren't kidding. Hope this helps and good luck!

I had 5 radiation treatments to my hip, L4 and sacrum. The doctor said that the bones are now healing as expected with no new cancer growth.