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Emend does help me, so I hope that's a good addition for you. What is your chemo dosage level? As I posted above (or somewnere–I forget!), I did round 1 at 80 percent of the standard dosage for modified Folfirinox. The oncologist was going to do the full dose, but realized that I'm older than I present (I'm 70 but seem younger), so he reduced round 1 to 80 percent. I had horrible side effects, so rounds 2 and 3 were reduced to 60 percent of standard. That has worked much better for me. I have not had nausea or vomiting, although occasionally I feel a little "touchy" in my stomach. I've been able to eat and drink. I have not had diarrhea. I haven't needed additional fluids either.

As I also posted somewhere, my oncology nurse practitioner said very, very few people (her words) can tolerate the full dosage of modified Folfirinox–it's an extremely tough regimen that was tested on people who are much, much younger than I am. Before the nurses ordered the meds for round 2, they called my oncologist for a quick consult. I told him everything I'd suffered, and he reduced the dosage from 80 percent to 60 percent of standard. So, if you were me, now knowing what I know after 3 rounds, I would tell my oncologist everything I've suffered over this round and ask whether a reduced dosage level could be more beneficial. I mean, if you can't tolerate the treatment, what good is it doing you? I wish you all the best, and I hope you feel better today! We are all on such a challenging journey.

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Oh he’s fully aware of what a hard time I’ve had with the first round. The nurse told him on both days that I was there for the hydration. Pretty certain the 5-FU rate was 100%. I’m 58. No one mentioned it being a lesser rate for any reason. I assume the dose goes by your weight more than anything. The nurse also did not mention lowering it even though they knew I had ended up in the ER to get IV hydration on Monday night and back at the cancer center to receive IV hydration twice more (Tuesday & Thursday), so 3 x total for IV hydration in one week due to so much nausea, vomiting & lack of appetite. If I am this ill again after this coming round, I will demand it to be lowered. I cannot tolerate feeling that sick for 2 weeks in a row. I’m very nervous about this coming round. 😔

Yay! They are modifying my dose for the coming round (3rd). I feel touchy in my stomach often & it’s very uncomfortable! I definitely hear you on that.

As for the nausea & vomiting…I am happy to report no vomiting after round 2 but a slight bit of nausea occasionally. The pre-IV Emend plus additional steroids for 3 days after did the trick. I am getting IV hydration also twice per week, which I can only believe, helps me a lot!!! Being able to eat small amounts again is a plus. I am however incredibly exhausted since completing round 2. I’d love to incorporate some light exercise like walking on the country desert roads around my home at sunset. That is my new goal & hopefully it will help combat my fatigue some.

I have my very first PET scan today so am a bit nervous but going in positive.

I hope you are hanging in there!