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Breast cancer/Radiation/Tooth Problems

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I’m so sorry you all are having these issues. As a dental clinician, we are well aware of the risks of tooth problems and cancer treatments. But there is more to it than that. In fact, periodontal disease is an infection that has been known to correlate to other diseases (i.e. diabetes, heart disease are just 2). And it is a relatively “silent” disease ( most have few symptoms until teeth are loose). We have had many referrals of patients from their oncologist to ensure their oral health is stable and there are no active infections prior to starting treatment. In these cases, the concern is that any active infection may have detrimental effects on the cancer treatment. I begin my cancer treatments very soon. You can bet I will have my coworkers check me out thoroughly before I start!!!

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Thank you for posting this, it’s important. During my treatment of radiation and five years on anastrozole, my blood sugars went up. Maintaining a good diet and exercise didn’t help. I’ve been off the pill for a year, my blood sugar is perfect, my weight is coming off, but my teeth paid the price, I believe. My dentist retired, so during my treatment I had four visits to a new one, I mentioned the chemo pill snd she said ..um hum. This time, I tried a different dentist, she pulled my loose teeth, but made me feel so horrible in the process. Intimating that it was my fault. I pray anyone else having these problems will find dentists who are more understanding. Cancer was enough to deal with.