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First off you are not delusional! I too have felt the tremors. Thought it was a train in the neighborhood shaking the bed as that is the only time I felt it. My SO did not feel the shaking. They have since disappeared and other things came along. Tinnitus, weird itching on my legs, arms, and hips. I have no advice to offer except to get healthy. Cut out sugar, have your vitamin levels checked, drink lots of water, exercise as much as much as you can. I am taking a handful of supplements now and recently found out that I have a calcified stylohoid ligament in my throat which causes neuropathy. This was found by my dentist of all things! I wish you the best in all your endeavors.

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I am now seeing a physician who is part of the Health and Healing Dept. of the Neurology Dept. I have been placed low dose Naltrexone (a drug originally used for opioid addicts to wean them off of the drugs) which starts out at .25 mg and increasing to 4.5 mg. as they discovered that addicts with severe pain ended up with improvement when they got to the 4.5 mg. level of weaning off the Naltrexone. The theory is that Naltrexone increases the natural opioids in the body which will eventually kick in. I am already experiencing an improvement with the pain but the tremors have increased. I am hoping it works for me. The doctor has also conducted testing of a number of things that I didn't even know existed, to find out what supplements might be helpful, as well as discovering what other medical conditions that might be the culprit for the pain. It is quite interesting.