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Pericarditis Concern

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Hello @colleen_young !!

Thank you so much for all of the information. I really appreciate it!!

I’ve done a lot of research and what not online and text books about this ugly disease. I go see my cardiologist this coming Wednesday. I’m hoping we will have something set now that we for sure know this wasn’t cause or that I don’t have any autoimmune disease. My cardiologist has been so good to me and I am grateful. I’m sure this is all frustrating to him as it is to me. He’s gone through each step that has been listed as to what treatment is next if the other fails. We are now down to the pericardiectomy. Now, I believe we just find a surgeon here who will do it. My doctor has gone above and beyond by communicating with a surgeon on his cell phone and telling him my story. He showed me the text conversation they had and the surgeon said that I am or would be his #1 candidate for the surgery. Only problem…. He or the hospital he works at doesn’t accept my insurance. That was devastating to hear. So, we went to another surgeon and he doesn’t want to do the surgery. He said he was not convinced that I had pericarditis. All frustrating really.

I really do appreciate everyone’s input and stories. I will let everyone what I find out when I see the cardiologist again!!

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That is a hard blow @sbrooks1986 especially after getting so close to what seemed like a solution. Has your cardiologist been in conversations with the second surgeon about why he doesn’t think you had pericarditis? What testing or diagnosis does he recommend you pursue?