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So now I have a diagnosis of conversion disorder with psuedoseizures. However I can’t agree with it. I was taking Nortriptyline for my Fibromyalgia. I believe this medicine’s side effects are what caused my seizures and other symptoms. After having severe headaches (like a bad hangover feeling) every morning for about 8 days everything stopped. I didn’t take it anymore. None of the doctors checked for possible side effects of this medicine… I did. Since the doctors had no answers ofcouse it was assumed it was in my head.. A mental block. I complied and went to see a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist changed my medicine to cymbalta and said not to take the other medicine because of something elevated on my EKG. I don’t have a traumatic event or deep rooted sexual abuse in my past. I’m not depressed or in need of attention. I don’t suffer from depression. I have Fibromyalgia. I have degenerative disc disease, carpal tunnel, chronic neck & back pain …yes. I live with this and still manage to work, be active, exercise. do yoga, gp for acupuncture, socialize with great friends & family, date and function in the most positive way I can. The only thing I got out of this is to be your biggest advocate! Educate yourself, do your own research and never give up. For me, I’m looking into more alternative medicine, acupuncture, foods, exercise, meditation, yoga… I’m not taking any meds right now. Maybe that will change but for now this is where I’m at. Thank you for hearing me.

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I have been in your shoes so many times! I was also recently diagnosed with Conversion Disorder, after CONSTANTLY being MISDIAGNOSED, BLAMED, AND THROWN OUT of a HOSPITAL!!!!! My Epileptic Seizure activity, is confusing to myself as well, and I don't really understand exactly what Conversion Disorder is or looks like, when my Neurologists saw my latest EEG report this past August! I must take medications to control my Epilepsy; as it came from being unconscious for 10 days, following a massive Stroke on 5/4/01! I WISH I DIDN'T have to be on ANY MEDICATIONS, because the SIDE EFFECTS can HARM and KILL !!!!! I was lucky that my Roommate hadn't left for work the morning I experienced what I now call"the event"! I am in an Aphasia group, 2 Stroke Support Groups, attend a Stroke Camp yearly (am on youtube-www.strokecamp.org look up Brigham and Women's/Faulkner Hospital
Ashland, MA) for the past 3 years, and have had the best experiences I could have ever imagined, and am PROUD to be a STROKE SURVIVOR, (NOT A VICTIM ANYMORE!!!!!) My book entitled "Misunderstood and Resilient", helped me come out of my deep Depression, Anxiety, and explain to anyone who reads and hopefully learns from my story, that LIFE may be UNKIND, COMPLICATED, and DIFFICULT; but it's up to the INDIVIDUAL, to decide what makes LIFE WORTHWHILE! My FAMILY and FRIENDS have made the BIGGEST difference in my life, and I know my Mother is looking down on me from above tonight and SMILING! I am dedicating my book to my ENTIRE FAMILY, including my Dear deceased Mother, Father, 2 sisters and my brother, and my 7 Nieces and Nephews, all whom contributed to my writing this book in the first place! Believe me when I say, that I always had doubts about even writing such a book, because it meant "rehashing the past and telling the TRUTH:" However, if I make ONE person's day or a DIFFERENCE in how the DISABLED are TREATED by the MEDICAL PROFESSION, then I have done MY JOB!!!!!

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