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Lung nodules discovered on xray

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Hi DiannaTV,
Welcome to Connect. What a difficult time to be recovering from a car accident and to discover nodules in your lung. According to this article by Mayo Clinic “most lung nodules are noncancerous (benign).” Read more here:
When is your PET scan?

@marshaanddan, wrote about scans showing new lung nodules back in Sept. Marsha, how are you doing?

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Hi Dianna TV My lung cancer was discovered via MRI of my shoulder after hitting the ground with my golf club too hard. Fate! that was in 2013. I have had a right upper lobectomy and in 2015 2 left lung resections. There will be no more operations. I have not received any chemo or radiation at this time. My surgeon is concerned, he ordered a PET scan, even though I don[‘t want one, but he said the same thing. It will light up if anything is there. A CT scan will not see metastisis as well . So in July I will have that done. I’m sure I will have some treatment soon, but I am looking into Integrative Medicine along with any Chemo I may need. I eat mostly a plant diet and believe after much reading that it is safer than anything other way to eat. whole foods nothing processed. But I do have GF toast in the morning. Diet is very important Many books and google Food Revelution, and Ty Bolinger, who has been reseaching and interviewing MD’s and PHD’s all over the world. Very informative about this disease. It should have been iradicated years ago I think after viewing some of these interviews. Big Pharma in charge of all the research and want pills to be the answer, not the good food of the earth. Good Luck and prayers work wonders. Hope this helps somewhat. Bestcare