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We spoke to our dr last night to review my husband's scan. He is stage 4. There is a lesion that has grown around abdomen area and dr is concerned. He is switching my husband to the Abarx/Gem from the Folfirinox, which doesn't seem to be working after 7 treatments. The tumor itself on pancreas did not grow, but didn't shrink either, but two lesions have increased in size in other areas. ( His CA 19 markers went down for all the first 5 treatments, but rose a bit on the 6th treatment.) He begins Gem/Ax this Friday (Dana Farber). I'll update on side effects. He didn't have too many bad effects from the FOlrinox, (some cold sensation in fingers, fatigue, and occasional diarrhea after the 6 and 7 treatments. ) so we will see how this goes. The dr claims side effects aren't that bad.
There is no pump, so he can sleep in a bed instead of the recliner he used for two nights, as he was afraid he'd sleep on the pump and disconnect. I believe the dr said it is weekly treatment for 3 weeks, then a week off. We have a call scheduled w nurse to go over details. I hope this new treatment works. Dr said he could have considered radiation, but he wants to try this treatment first. And he said there are no clinical trial meds he can use right now that are appropriate. Any thoughts on the chemo vs. radiation treatments? It's so difficult to know what is best to do. I hear radiation can damage other organs. I will ask dr. for more details– We have an in person appointment on Friday.

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Ask about the MRI guided radiation treatment. This is the latest type of radiation. My understanding is that radiation can be targeted optimally with this technique