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I haven’t seen my doctor yet, just results from my portal. I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis back in 2014 with Asthma. I also had sepsis then with blocked kidney stones. I taught school and was sick all the time.
I was put on a three antibiotic rotation with one week off. I was always sick on the fourth week…continued on for several years then retired after being online teaching with Covid. I got off the antibiotics , but continued to get sick. I continue to wear a mask.
I year ago they found multiple nodules growing slowly and continued to monitor with CT scans. Currently have pneumonia again. Sinus issues are a problem too with 2 sinus surgeries.
I guess I’m wondering where does this lead to and how long can I be on antibiotics and getting scans?
I saw a sputum test that stated that a test was done that was negative for malignancy.??? I have super doctors!

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Well, Mayo Connect is a support group of fellow patients, not medical professionals. I think you need to discuss the findings with your doctors.

Since they did not find a specific infection, they may have sent the mucus for culturing, which could show slower growing bacteria. Again, a question for your care team.
Are you still on antibiotics? If there is not bacteria growing, this is unusual.

It sounds like MAC. Especially with taking the antibiotics and slow growing nodules… God that they wouldn't let you know that however though…
Please keep us updated and ask your doctor directly what they are treating you for.
Thanks and good luck