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Chronic Abdominal Bloating and Pain

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@gloriaeb My prayers are all is well with u..I’m still suffering with the IBS and don’t kno what else to do..I just say it’s something I got to live and deal with. I basically just wanted to touch basis with u. It’s been a while so I just wanted to say hello..Godbless

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Somewhat better, but not completely satisfied. I started taking the Ultimate Flora Probiotic 50 M, and it seems to help. I also take an OTC proton pump each morning and that does cut down on my bloating a bit. Still use my Vitamix to puree my fresh vegies and fruits. Hope you get better…take good care. G

@luladavis I have been having been having problems for awhile. My Dr. has been of little help. I have put myself on a mostly soft diet. No citrus no pinapple, tomatoes,no spice,No peppers No sugar wheat No caffeine.I can eat fish eggs and lots of rice, steamed veggies. The IBS symptoms have gone away. Bloating a little less. I still have indigestion if I eat to much. I do get very hungry and mess up. The evening is the worst because I have a long day with my drive to work. I don’t weigh very much. I took myself off Prilosec because it can diarrhea. I keep antacids with me that work well. These are good because I also don’t eat dairy and have calcium in them. I am hoping this will work and maybe be able to eat some tasty food some day again.

Welcome to Connect, @sarahg. Thank you for joining this group and sharing your insights.
Do you have to avoid certain vegetables completely? Have you tried any of the probiotics that some Connect members have suggested? We look forward to getting to know you, @sarahg

You might want to try cutting out gluten from your diet. I also drink lactose free milk. Good luck.

Probiotics didn’t work for me. My doctor told me to avoid all fruits and vegetables.

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