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geb (@gloriaeb)

Chronic Abdominal Bloating and Pain

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Hi geb after having problems with my stomach and BM’s for sometime about six months ago dx with IBS my stomach bloat so bad people ask me I’m I pregnant no matter How little I eat It still is bloated I drink water and it is bloated, sometimes I do not eat anything and it is still bloated..he put me on two types of antibiotic and a suppository for my rectum, after taking all the medication I still can’t see any results.. I get so disgusted I don’t like to get dressed, Friday was my first day on my special greenery Journey:( I will keep u posted).Godbless

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Thank you for your response. I do not know what the greenery journey is, but sure hope it works. I have tried everything, cut back on eating, stopped evening cocktail, exercise more, can’t hold my stomach in. I am not overweight….just my big belly….I look about 8 mos. pregnant by nighttime. I have even resorted to a mechanical diet…thinking that I did not chew my food enough. Doctors don’t think anything of it.

I agree….I hate to get dressed. Whatever I put on in the morning doesn’t fit by midday….and at night, all I want is a muumuu. I am 80 y.o….always have been thin….in fact, had a great figure all my life, but this is awful. Have thought of liposuction, but forget it as soon as I think of it.

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