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I'm 65 with severe COPD

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I am a 67 yr old male with moderate COPD and am also an Alpha1 antitripsyn deficiency patient. Alpha 1 is a genetic disorder that effects the production of an enzyme in your liver that protects your lungs. You can be checked for free. It is somewhat rare, lucky me, 1/2500 people are Alphas. I have completed one study at Mayo in the Mindful Breathing Center concerning home exercising for COPD patients and am in another in the Morgan Stanley building... I strongly suggest you check them out... Pulmonary Research Center centering on Beta Blockers to reduce exacerbations. I just joined and was a little dismayed that the 3rd killer in the US doesn't have a discussion of it's own.

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Hello @waterboy and welcome to Mayo Connect. Your post about COPD and Alpha1 antitripsyn deficiency is very interesting. After reading your post, I did a little research and see that the Alpha I disorder is rare and often associated with liver problems as well. I'm sure that our Mayo Connect community would be interested in learning more about this - and I suspect you know quite a lot! Please share with us, as you are comfortable doing so, your history with this disorder. For example, who diagnosed this? What led to the testing? You say that you can get checked for free, but genetic testing is usually costly, where did you go for the free testing? Teresa