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My husband was dx with glioblastoma

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We have just entered the Glioblastoma world on November 23rd, 2015. My husband is 74 years old and has never been sick before! His tumor was still in the “ball stage” (no fingers into the brain). He had surgery on December 14th, 2015 and is completing his 30 radiation and 42 temador treatments. Actually will complete his last radiation on March 1st! His quality of life is great — no headaches, swelling,etc and his lab tests are so good that they have skipped two times and don’t plan to do this weeks lab work either! Jim’s loss is his right peripheral vision and so he hasn’t been able to drive. We are hoping he regains that so his days are not spent without some driving! We would love to keep in touch with you as we both journey through this NEW NORMAL we are forced to live! Linda

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Update! We are now at the 7 month point! Jim is doing superb! MRI and bloodwork great —next MRI in 3 months instead of planned 2 months! He is now driving –helping a farmer haul grain to the elevator. He drives 20 miles to the farm on his motorcycle and loads the semi trucks and then drives 30 miles, unloads the truck, drives back and does it all over again and again! He works 8 hour days and can’t wait to get up the next day and do it all over again! We have been blessed and want you to know that prayers help the process and comfort us! Also there is hope for an almost normal life again! Love and prayers for you and yours!

Great update @js119. I’m sure new member @adri will appreciate reading this update. What treatments did Jim have?

The standard-surgery followed by 6 weeks radiation and temador–now starting his 4th round of 5 days Temodar and 23 days off. Just good attitude and daily tasks to keep him moving. We own a Bed and Breakfast so there is not a lot of down time in our lives!

What a wonderful attitude you both have!  Best wishes and my prayers go with you both!Teresa

Thanks! He is doing fabulous and I am almost able to put the diagnosis in the back of my mind! We have been and continue to be blessed!

Great news! Thanks for letting us know.