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Seroquel withdrawal or rebound anxiety?

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Your poor thing! I feel for you. I had almost the exact same symptoms after coming off a three month treatment on Klonopin. My guess is it is withdrawal. For me it took nearly a while two months and I still don’t feel completely normal. All of those drugs are quite horrible to get off of. If at all possible try to go the natural route with meditation and exercise. There are some great meditation on You tube and a free app called Insight Timer. Good luck to you. You have your whole life ahead of you so stay strong.

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Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I've been so tempted to just go back on because I feel so horrible, and am not sleeping but I really want to be free of this medicine and try to live a more natural life. I was so proud to get all the way down and I don't want to lose that progress.

cinrose – Thank you for replying to her about your klonopin withdrawal. She is not alone and I stopped klonopin cold turkey after 7 months because I noticed tremors, body buzzing while on it so assumed it was thje drug. I am now off for not quite 2 months and I am still experiencing some buzzing from time to time, although not as bad as it was. I read these protracted withdrawal symptoms can last for up to 12 months? Can you tell me how long you've been off your klonopin now, what dosage you took, and what minor symptoms your still having. I am now set to see a neurologist (my request as my doc doesn't understand) but maybe I'm just wasting my and his time? Thanks for any insight.