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John Taylor (@jdtay87)

New to anemia. What to expect?

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Sorry to revive this thread. I went to the doctor on Monday with fatigue. They took three vials of blood and a cup of urine, but I don’t have results back yet. I wanted to talk about the possible link between anemia and gout, since my gout is flaring up a bit again tonight despite the allopurinol.

It is said that hemolytic anemia can cause high uric acid levels, because of uric acid being released from all the red blood cells being destroyed. As to what causes hemolytic anemia in adults, there are a variety of things. I’ll just have to trust my doctor to spot whatever this is.

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Hi @jdtay87, Sorry to hear that your gout is flaring up again, in spite of the medication. Hopefully that settles down for you soon.
Your blood numbers a few weeks ago didn’t show that you were anemic any longer, which is really good news, though you still developed gout. Did your doctor feel there was a correlation? How about kidney function numbers?

A little article from Mayo about high uric acid levels and potential causes:
I had a family member with gout and through changes in diet it really helped to avoid repeats. You may have already checked these out but they’re worth looking at again.
I also found this conversation in our forum with other members who have gout. You might find some useful information to help with your symptoms and recurrences.
Has your doctor talked to you about food and diet to help prevent gout?