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Internal body vibrations upon waking

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SAME here re vibrations…. do not hurt but not pleasant because I think there is more going on than the vibrations as just dont feel ok when happening and right as wake up. Diagnozed with fibro years ago but had so many things happen to me since I almost forgot I had it, almost! I have hypothyroidism fro having right side removed re goitre on it. I have ibsd and fecal incontinence since C.Diff.. so I have an inkling of how you feel. Not a dr. of course , but i sometimes feel my bowel issues are causing the tremors/vibrations… it may be a jigsaw for you to find out and I hope you get some comments on here that can help you, 62 is too young to be going through all this! I am 79 and ill health has , as many millions of others, really affected my life,,, how I would love even one full day and night of good health! Best wishes, take care, J.

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I too have fibro and hypothyrodism & Graves Disease (hyperthyroidism). I am being checked for RA soon. I do not have your symptoms and I am so sorry you are going through this. Fibro is hard enough and often times, other autoimmune issues tag along with it like thyroid disease. I pray you get some answers and relief. God Bless you.

My internal vibrations have been going on since 2019. They wake me up, or they did. It's weird because since getting the nasal cpap I've not had the vibrations. I think they are result of injury to phrenic nerve but my neurologist thinks they have something to do with over active central nervous system.