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After I was in your approximate situation, I learned a few unexpected things. 1) There are significant differences in the quality of a mpMRI (multiphasic MRI) and 2) there are significant differences in their interpretation.
But then there are also significant differences in the quality of biopsies, first as to method–MRI/ultrasound guided targeted biopsies, transperineal vs transurethral, number of cores, etc.
Unfortunately, in all these cases the cancer found is almost certainly there, but more cancer may be there than is found. Since the MRI indicates you are already looking at an intermediate grade cancer, you are likely not going to be looking at "active surveillance," and as others have said, you will be looking at treatment recommendations involving radical prostatectomy and radiation. (On the other hand, your PSA is quite low for this level of cancer. This may be hopeful, but it is not necessarily a good thing.) Likely, again as has been said, you are hoping that the cancer has not spread beyond the prostate yet, and therefore radical prostatectomy (sometime abbreviated as RALP and other things, again depending on the method) will be your next step, followed by the hope that further treatment will not be required for some time and the quality of life will be higher rather than lower. I wrote a couple summaries about diagnosis and treatment that might be relevant for your situation here: https://teamspinella.wordpress.com/2022/01/25/on-the-treatment-of-prostate-cancer/ (the other article about diagnosis is linked in the first paragraph.)
Given your situation, moving quickly may be of value. I say this because this is not the common wisdom for dealing with prostate cancer generally.

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We both feel that moving forward with treatment is the next step. I know that the DX of what type he has according the biopsies will help determine it. He is very proactive and not willing to take chances letting it grow further. Thank you again!!