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The biopsy will tell you a lot more. I was put under for mine. No issues during or after biopsy so I recommend the knockout. Same as a colonoscopy anesthetic. If the biopsy definitively proves there is PCa most likely you'll be given 2 options. RALP or some sort of radiation. I chose RALP last year and have had no issues with incontinence. I was 60 years old at time of surgery. Your urologist should send you to a surgeon and an Oncologist so both can give u the pros and cons of each option. Radiation itself can be applied in many different ways. I chose surgery because if the PCa comes back (Biochemical Recurrence) it is easier to get spot radiation to kill it. The surgery after radiation is more difficult. Both options seem to have the same level of success (both good). If you choose surgery make sure the surgeon has plenty of experience with the Robotic system. My surgeon performed 3/week over the last 17 years using the DaVinci system. If your mate is older the Radiation route may be better as there is less of a chance of incontinence issues. If the biopsy comes back with PCa you may want to start Pelvic Floor exercises (Kegels) as this will help lessen the chance of incontinence. I know there is a lot of decisions to make but take them one at a time. Your partner will be fine.

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Thank you for your thoughtful answer. It helps to look at the different journeys.